CAP Arreghini

CAP Arreghini S.p.A., an important Italian firm with more than 60 years of experience in the production of paints, has recently adopted our QuickRis. They have chosen to use it for the presentation and analysis of their technical schedules and video tutorial. A massive advertising campaign has anticipated the launch of their project.On every package, […]

QuickRis is born!

Welcome to QuickRis, the first production system for digital manuals that can be consulted with QR code!!!  

QR codes scan has increased by 1700% in Italy

According to a recently published report, in recent years the usage of QR codes in Italy has increased by 1700% (source Quarkode). Qr codes are spreading in daily life actions, mobile users are increasing so as the number of businesses using them to communicate and inform themselves. Businesses are finally understanding smart tagging's real potentials […]